Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 26 and 27

Day 26: Felt like I needed that good push this morning, so opted for INSANITY Pure Cardio, as I can always count on that to kick my ass good . And it SURE did! In my garage, just pushing.

I do feel better knowing that even the super-toned people in the videos get puffed!

Day 27: I use my bike almost daily, doing the 3km return trip to school and back, and don't count as part of my challenge, but more a bonus to decreasing my carbon footprint and increasing my activity... but I haven't been out for a long bike ride in AGES! I thought this morning would be it... but by the time I got myself awake and organised, it was nearly 9am - PRIME drive-to-work-time/that means lots of 100km/hr traffic that I just don't like dealing with... SOOOO opted for a 5km run, out to the Marae and back. Was all going great, until the calf muscles seized up again. Despite stretches, they were just giving up on me, so again, the return trip had a lot more fast walking than I'd like, but what can I do, but keep at it.

A friend from home has started her own facebook fan page, called FITSPIRATION, where she posts lots of motivation pictures and healthy recipes (which do not disappoint!!). Today I made the banana Ice Cream, and it tasted every bit as delicious as it looked in the picture! I added some chocolate, and chia seeds to mine, just to be creative. I had some troubles downloading the picture of mine, but you might be able to see it here

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