Sunday, 3 June 2012

Revelations, motivation and general ramblings.

This weekend was a long weekend, here in New Zealand and the second/last of the PADI dive course Thom and I got for a bargain. Being a certified diver is something I've always wanted to do and now it is done! I really do love that feeling of accomplishment, of making dreams reality.

Since Christmas, I have lost roughly about 9.5kg/20-ish lbs(woop woop!). That was really just a number, that i wanted to see keep going up but didn't mean much to me - UNTIL this weekend, when I had to strap that weight back around my waist to go diving and realised just HOW heavy it actually is. I was stoked! I am more motivated than ever now, to keep at it.

2 weeks ago, I went into the gym to get properly measured and have a body assessment done. I'd started p90x about a month before, but I was curious to know my body fat percent. I'd taken most of my own measurements sporadically before, so none of that was a surprise. I came out with 32% body fat, which isn't really ideal, and the trainer set the goal to get it down to 30% in 6 weeks, when I'd come back to measure up before we head off to Thailand.

She also suggested I look into a "Paleolithic" diet, which is also known as the Caveman diet. I'm not really into fad or crash diets, but she said that cutting out grains and dairy (the Paleo argument is that our bodies were never designed to digest these sorts of foods) to lean out. What the hell I figured, I'll give it a crack. It wasn't so hard to eat just meat and veggies really. I was a star during the week!

...Then the weekend came along. And we were off to Thom's grandparents for the weekend. Saturday, we thought we'd go grab lunch despite being told to bring it, but we figured we were right in town. Oh no, we didn't even stop to HAVE a lunch break. We went straight from dive theory to practical before we knew it! Nana had a lovely roast ready for us when we got home that had 4 different vege with the main meat and I shyed away from the potatoes, but I did indulge in her famous bacon/egg/cheese pastry things that are so delicious. Not that I needed to, but I didn't beat myself up. She made us sandwiches to take to the course, and despite bread being on the banned list, I went with it for convience sake.

Admittedly I have not been following p90x after I got sick, and I counted diving as 2 days of exercise (It's actually fairly strenuous, especially lugging the gear around). Last week was shocking with only one night of exercise, and that was playing netball with the girls from school! But regardless, my good eating during the week did favours for me. This weekend at Nana's, I probably slipped up a wee bit more than I should have, having a CHOCOLATE BAR (*Shudder*) but tomorrow is a holiday Monday, and even though I have to go to school to do heaps of work, I love the flexibilty of knowing that I can make time to work out in the am before I head in to school.

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