Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 24 - Yoga!

Photo taken from www.yogaandreflexology.co.nz 
Day 24: Decided to try something different, and attend an hour and a half Yoga class in town. I also biked to and from school, but it's such a short wee trip, I hardly count it for more than doing something better than driving the 1500m between my house and school. The class was good, it was something different to what I would normally do, as it was more meditative than physical in my opinion. I'm not exactly well versed in the different types of yoga, besides knowing that there are. But for most of the time, I actually relaxed and was forced to stop thinking and take time out for me. For that simple fact, and $9, I think I will be going back next week, and making it a part of my weekly routine. It was a good stretch, and I'd love to be able to improve my flexibility more. 

Back in 2009 when I first arrived in New Zealand and started attending the University of Otago for Teacher's College, OUSA (Otago University Student's Association) put on a wide variety of extra curricular activities, one of which being Yoga on Monday (and Thursday?) nights, for $3. You didn't have to commit to any number of weeks, you just paid for what you attended, and if you didn't go, then no harm done. This was one of the really physical kinds of yoga, and the teacher was really awesome. I remember always sweating profusely. And my favourite, because it was challenging, I can't remember what the pose was called, but you laid on your back on the floor, then literally thru your legs back behind your head, trying to touch the floor, and then used your core to lift them up, into the air, and then hold them as straight as possible, resting all your weight on your shoulders, elbows and neck. I went every week, and saw myself really improve, and therefore LOVED yoga... but after I moved further away from the OUSA building, the nighttime walk became a bit more dodgey and I had flatmates to keep me company so I regrettably got out of it.... and have never since found an equivalent!
I will continue my search of  Iyengar Yoga (I just did some google research...)
Upon a bit more research, due to living so rural, the closest that I'll probably find for this specific type is probably Kerikeri, which is over an hour and a half drive from my house...

So I guess I will be sticking to weekly mediation yoga! Perhaps I will try to fit in something else as well on Tuesdays, but if not, it is intentional activity and good for my body - everyone needs a good stretch and relax, eh!

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