Sunday, 15 January 2012

Keeping it FUN! Day 13, 14 and 15

My little set up I've got goin on down
in my garage... workout with a view ;)
Day 13: Friday morning, up and at them, not so early but enough to get in a solid workout before having some guests over to bake cookies and catch up. 
I decided to stay home, in my garage rather than go for a run or bike ride as my newly bruised leg was still quite tender.... but I would bust out my Tabata timer app on my iPhone, and do as many leg friendly exercises. Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training, where you go hard and give it your all at whatever you're doing for 20 seconds (that's it! not long!) and then take a 10 second break, and you repeat this 8 times, for a total for 4 minutes of hardout work! I love it, and the timer is so helpful. 
I started out by jogging, then did some boxing, then the c-sit hold from insanity, bum lifts using the swiss ball, 4kg oblique drops and 4kg oblique twists, and finished off with some more boxing. Sooooo good! Felt awesome afterwards, and for the rest of the day!

So fun just paddling and trying to catch the wave
Day 14: The girls and I had gone to free concert on a remote island about an hour and a half away for the night.... heaps of cardio was had dancing the night away I can tell you that!  Saturday was a mint as gorgeous summer day (finally) and my mate Genna and I had been trying to get out surfing together for ages... so today we finally made it happen! It was beautiful. Now, I am no surfer by any means, but that probably just means that I work heaps harder! Paddling big waves is a mission! I counted that as my workout as we were out on the water for an hour - hour and a half!  I was exhausted afterwards. Abs worked, arms worked, knees sore. Okay I can't actually stand up but it will happen, with practice.
I believe!

Day 15: Sunday morning.... cleaning day!! With the thought of going back to work, even just for a little bit each day, I really wanted my house to be clean so that'd be one less thing to worry about :)  Washing done folded and put away, dishes all caught up, fridge cleaned out and wiped out,  all rooms vacuumed - including flippin spiders! and then I even cleaned out the garage. Whew. Mel and I went for a leisurely (but intentional) stroll down to the shop and back to get some bread and milk, so that was my 3km's of walking for the day. Thomthom starts his first day of work tomorrow at his new job, so I'll be up early hopefully to do something exciting for exercise before heading off to putter around my new classroom for a bit. 

Despite that I did eat a whole bunch of crap while out with the girls Friday night, I am quite proud that I have stuck with this for 15 days already. Must say my 'sticker chart' is pretty solid... cannot disappoint. 

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