Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Day 3: USANA Reset

While I will admit that I do feel like I have more energy this week, this morning getting out of bed was not the case.

Since I didn't have my chocolate shake last night, I was stoked to have chocolate for breakfast this morning! Added a few frozen berries, and away we went. I think I added more water than necessary, but it was delicious none the less. Chocolate anything is a great way to start any Wednesday!

I opted for hard boiled egg with my Vanilla lunch. I liked the chewing - the worst part of shakes is that I think I miss the physical act of chewing my meals! So I was full for the whole afternoon.

We had a staff meeting in town, with other schools so I had my peanut butter bar in the car on the way in. These meetings are usually notorious for putting on a good spread - lucky for me, today was a budget version, and consisted of savoury swirls, chocolate cake and GRAPES. I helped myself to some of those, not even missing the other options. Throughout the meeting, I managed to drink a whole 1.5 in the hour and a bit we were there. This resulted in 2 trips to the loo, but that's okay. I am finally consciously improving my hydration!

By the time dinner rolled around, I decided to change it up, and go for the salad. Bit of iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, red onion, carrots, mushrooms.. and toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I also added the slightest bit of olive oil/red wine vinegar for a slight splash of dressing/flavour. It sure hit the spot. Didn't even need the eggs I'd boiled, so I;ll save those for when I do.
For the love of veggies!

Around 9pm I wasn't hungry hungry, but still wanted more. I had carefully calculated whether to save a chocolate and have the strawberry that I don't love... but opted to experiment with some Almond Milk and chocolate in the blender. I went for the "less is more" with just barely a cup of almond milk added, a few ice cubes and the chocolate sachet.... OH MY GOD. I created heaven in a glass. It was thick, creamy, and it reminded me of licking cake batter off the spoon.

Ended the day SATISFIED!

Roll on Day 4 - I am ready to rock you!

Let's end with a bit of perspective
February vs September 2012


  1. Woohooo! :) Thanks for the update! Love that side by side shot -really puts it into perspective eh?

    The worst part about training your body to be properly hydrated again is the peeing - all summer last year (Canadian summer that is) when I was working out with Cheryl I was peeing like it was my job

    1. The only problem with peeing like it's my job IS my job! haha retraining my bladder to only pee during designated breaks is a challenge in and of itself, on top of getting the water in me!

      I don't actually that many photos of me... i think i stopped having them taken as I got chubbier!