Sunday, 8 January 2012

Days 7 and 8 of the 100

Day 7: a Saturday! I woke myself up nice and early, around 8 (early for a Saturday!) and got out of bed to do Insanity's Cardio Abs, before skyping my former flatmate/soulmate Amy who moved to Aussie in August. It was such a wet and miserable day, but despite this Mel and I went in to the local weekly market in the rain. I do love buying as much as possible locally, and supporting those in the area because times are tough, and I'd rather see my money go towards helping someone else out rather than a big corporation. And I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that my food has been grown by people, properly even if it is imperfect (like me!) 
The people at the market that I've come to know and love are also just so kind and giving, we got that little bit thrown in extra for free just because, at almost every stall we visited (even if I couldn't identify the white cucumbers, I still appreciated the thought). 
The rainy weather makes me want soup... and due to the still copious amounts of potatoes leftover from our harvest out of the garden last week, I opted to go for Potato and Leek Soup. I often explore the Clean Eating recipes that Tiffany has concocted at The Gracious Pantry and this was another winner. 

Day 8: Sunday, the day after a few drinks the night before... Saturday was one of my dear and best friends in New Zealand's 24th birthday, and of course we celebrated this with a few freshly made Mojitos and dancing at the local pub to the tunes of the Pink Floyd cover band. No hangover followed, but the Medium Breakfast from the BakerMan Cafe was in order heading back home. During our trip to town yesterday, we stopped into the second hand bookstore, where I picked up a wee Weight Watchers recipe book for entertaining, purely because of 2 recipes that I saw.... one being a Tomato and Red Lentil soup, and the other a Coq au vin... and with the weather what it was again... MISERABLE, I opted to explore some more soup making. The Roasted Tomato and Red Lentil soup was absolutely delicious! 
By now, it was about 6pm, and I still needed to do my 30 minutes... so rather than putting it off till later still, as I do so well... I changed into my gears and turned on Insanity's Cardio Recovery. Now I do realise I'm not following the Insanity programme to a Tee as I should be.... but I'm just making it work for me at the moment. I'm still doing all the things I want and need to, and just fitting workouts in around it. My life doesn't cope with rigid and strict guidelines, I'm just not that kind of girl. Committed to improving myself, yes... Willing to sacrifice my friends and other commitments Nope not a chance. Small improvements and self control, for the win! 

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