Monday, 16 January 2012

16 and 17 and still going strong

Day 16: Monday morning! Starting this week off right after a TERRIBLE sleep, I tried to run...  but ended up walking, as my badly bruised leg was giving me a bit of grief and throbbing pain. But I still did 5km, and just did 2 minute intervals of walking/running. I also biked down to school and back. We had the most delicious falafels for dinner - a favourite!

Day 17: Today! Tuesday, slow start. I was up at 730, but again had another terrible sleep and was awake for more than an hour, so I let myself go back to sleep till about 9 or so, and then at 10 decided to bust out some INSANITY Pure Cardio in the garage rather than the living room. So much better on the concrete floor instead of the yuck carpet upstairs.

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