Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 1 of USANA Reset

Today I started a 5 day 'Reset' cleanse. I don't like the idea of fad diets or the like, but for some reason I bought into for the 'reset your system and feel better'. I saw a few of my cousins on Facebook doing it a month ago and raving about it, and thought "why not."

Day 1 went like this....

Breakfast at 7am- strawberry shake in the blender. My first reactions were that it was tasty, but by the end of it I was less of a fan.

Morning tea at 10am - I was hanging out to eat my bar by the time morning tea rolled around. The chocolate protein bar was super tasty though. I was keen!

Lunch at 12:20pm - I had the Vanilla shake, made in my Punch Supplements shaker at school. I dumped the  packet in, added the water and then shook.... except I had a terribly powdery lumpy concoction in my shaker that I was not looking forward to drinking. Luckily with a little spoon stirring and I think I added a bit more water, shook again and the consistency improved. Even better, I was blown away by the delicious flavour.

Afternoon tea at 3pm - Busted out the ol Peanut butter crunch bar provided. Another delicious hit, it tasted just like a Candy bar!?! I also realised I hadn't taken my first vitamin packet, so I got that in me

Around 4pm I received an email - a guide to Day 1.  Oops, I'm about 17 or 18 hours ahead of everyone else doing it in Canada. Oddly enough, I had chosen the same shakes that they had for breakfast and lunch... and then I read this.

DINNER (about 7:00)
- Vitamin pack
- Big green salad or plate of grilled veggies (no cream dressings)
- Nutrimeal shake (We would do the chocolate, it will feel like desert); you can have the shake a bit later say about 8:30, depends on how you are feeling)
Wait a minute... for some reason, I had originally thought that it was 2 shakes and 2 bars, and one 1 normal Low GI meal at dinner. Now I'm onto 3 meal replacements!?! aw shit, I don't know how I feel about a liquid diet. But I am sticking with this to the end. 
Once I got home, I got the backup call to play netball. So I went into town and had a go running around the court trying to get in trouble for obstructing. I am no natural netball player, that's for sure. But I had good fun, and it was good exercise. 
Dinner at 745pm - I couldnt face a salad. I didn't feel like a salad would make me feel full mentally or physically, so I grilled up some veggies. I had mushrooms that were nearly going off, so perfect for frying in a bit of butter with mixed herbs. Next I melted some Coconut Oil, tossed in an onion to caramelize then some sliced carrots and broccoli. Chucked a lid on the frying pan to create some steam and then tossed in some spinach. Added the final touches of chia seeds and sunflower seeds. It was actually so tasty considering the level of boringness. Maybe it was just the 'real food' as opposed to liquid that I was appreciating. 
Not long after my vegge medley, I had my 'chocolate dessert shake'. Only this time, already learning from my previous experiences, I added my water (and some ice cubes) first and then the packet. Powdery problem solved. The flavour wasn't too bad, but Vanilla has still won my heart. 
Tomorrow is a new day and I intend on learning from today and making it even better. I will definitely be making a few changes.
-Lemon and water when I wake up - get the vitamins in
-adding ice and frozen berries to the strawberry shake (as well as the water first)
-I DID NOT DRINK ENOUGH WATER TODAY, so will be making sure I have a water bottle in class with me 
-I'll have a piece of fruit with my morning tea bar.
-I will try to find out earlier if I get to have real dinner, or just veggies again.
As usual, I've stayed up too late. I'm feeling a bit hungry in my tummy, but I'm thinking that if I sort out those things I figured out today, tomorrow I should feel like a million bucks.
Time will tell!
I'll update with some photos eventually too

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