Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 9 complete

So this has been the 3rd day of straight miserable rain. I am over it, it might as well be winter in the north... not the summer we're used to.

Got Insanity's Cardio Power & Resistance done and out of the way this morning, at about 8.30 or so. I've never been a good 'work out in the morning' kind of person, even though I did go through my 6am bootcamp stints, which meant I was leaving home at 5.30am or earlier to make it in time - that was as painful as the actual workout! But I am really enjoying being able to work out in the morning, and then knowing that the restof the day is mine to do with what I like. I know it will be a bit different once school starts, but I'd love to be able to do a wee run in the morning, and then a dvd... whatever happens we'll make it work 

Just a couple post-insanity photos today... love working up a good sweat!

Effective workout I think

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