Thursday, 19 January 2012

okay 3 days at a time... 18, 19, and 20!

Day 18:  At home morning gym session, total 40 minutes,  hard out TABATAS! Ohhh did I ever feel it after this one! Remember, Tabatas are 8 rounds, 20 seconds of FULL THROTTLE give it your all and then 10 seconds rest, for a total of 4 minutes. I did:
-High knees
-press ups
-lay on the floor, legs on stability ball, lift bum

-torso twists with 4kg
-torso leans, lifting 4kg each arm - touch knee
-lay on stability ball, 4kg fly
-lay on floor, legs on ball, use core to touch ball on each side

Day 19: INSANITY Cardio Resistance & Power ... Not going to lie, I had to DIG DEEP to find some motivation... I was a wee bit sore from yesterday ab - domination, and I knew that I needed something to motivate me, so dvd it was, as I find Shaun T so motivating and inspiring :) 

THEN! later in the evening, I was feeling like 'doing something' rather than just sitting round, so we walked to Shipwreck Bay and back, for an additional bonus 5km! The hill is killer, and I foolishly wore Jandals, so my calves ached a bit, but slow and steady we got there and home!

Day 20: Fact- I'm really proud that I have stuck with this challenge this long, I was so excited to be able to say "I am One Fifth done!" (except I'm probably not going to stop once I get to 100, I hope). So I did INSANITY Cardio Recovery and appreciated every minute of the stretches... okay except maybe not the squat and lunge holds, those kill  me. Every time. 
Cyber world, meet my sticker chart of motivation.

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