Friday, 14 September 2012

Day 4 and 5: Usana Reset

I'm pretty terrible at daily blogging, especially when I do almost exactly the same thing day in and day out. If it gets boring to write, surely it must be boring to read... 

Day 4
Felt pretty good all day. Walked to school and home from school since Thom was away working in Whangarei, so that was all good.
I switched to shakes with low fat milk rather than water, and was just absolutely loving the consistency and flavour!

For dinner, I was ultimately quite lazy, and chose to have a single home made serving pumpkin soup from my freezer. I didn't feel like salad, and couldn't be bothered cooking anything. 

I was definitely feeling lighter!

Day 5
To be honest, today I was just over the idea of drinking all my meals. I loved the bars and apple I ate simply because I chewed and enjoyed.

Now for the true confession... After work drinks on a Friday have generally been quite common practice in my teaching career, but this year being at the beach/away from town and closer to home,  they've been far less frequent or regular. Today of all days, the principal bought a box of Coronas and cracked it in the staff room!

It was necessary. I did have one. Slowly.

I cringed. I debated. I really debated. and then I justified that it's 'just one beer'.
And it was just that. One beer. Social and relaxing.

Left it at that. Hopefully it doesn't undo everything I've done. 
 But no guilt here.  

Came home and made a massive salad, with chili shrimp on top. I really wanted meat! That did the trick.
Didn't even have my chocolate shake tonight as I worked on my travel blog - Canuckiwikate

So now, I've still got two meal replacements left up my sleeve. 

I had a squizz through the resources that I got emailed with the program, and the low GI grocery list is everything that I already buy - I just tend to try to eat less of the grains after going paleo. (Still refuse to cut anything completely because I don't want to make my body intolerant and complicate my life). 

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