Wednesday, 11 January 2012

3 day catch-up! Days 10, 11 and 12

Day 10: Tuesday, I got up a bit later than I intended, was about 9am before I left the house. I was going to walk/run to Shipwreck Bay, which is a lovely 5km return trip from my house, BUT there are some solid hills involved. So that's where the walking came into the equation. I didn't seem to have heaps of energy on the go at that point, especially up the hills, so it actually took me ages. 5km in an hour isn't a personal best by any means, but at least I got it done, I say. 

Shipwreck Bay, from the top of the hill
I was meeting the principal at my new school at 10am, and she drove past my house just as I was getting home... "I'll just grab a shower before I go to school" ;) Since we finally had a not raining day, I was stoked to be able to ride my bike there and back. It is literally 1.5km from home to school, so I really dont want to be driving my car that short of a distance. 

Day 11: 
Post-donation bandaid
The first time I gave blood! I am not a needle fan, but braved through the whole process no troubles, giving my half a litre. I was just about to get up, and then it was all over. Will spare the details of the after effects, but there was vomit. And it was not pleasant nor pretty. 

The rest of the day, I felt like crap, so lethargic and yuck. We had a Nova Scotian guy come Couchsurf with us for the night, and cooked up some homemade pizzas and garlic bread. 

Come 10pm, still had not done 30 minute of intentional activity, and I was not about to give up on only day 11.... So Mel and I went for a walk over to the school and back, 3km return in 30 minutes. Felt better knowing that I made the effort, rather than just going to bed. 

Looking oh so lovely not so bright but early in the morning
Day 12: After yesterday/last night's procrastination and 10pm mission, I did not want a repeat! So I got my butt outta bed at about 7.45am and got on my bike, and did my (becoming more usual) loop of 10km in about 40 minutes. Stoked. Love the feeling of having it done in the morning, and just knowning that it's done so I don't have to worry for the rest of the day! 

On top of the world! 
Came home and had a lovely little snooze before going horse riding  with Thom's dad later in the morning.  Kev's 3 horses are all rescues, and not the easiest of horses nor am I the most confident.... I came off 3 times, and made a few graceful exits as the saddle went 45 degrees to the side. I live in such a beautiful area.... massive sand dunes, tea tree forests, farm land - all in one ride and then some! 

It was a great ride, when I was actually on the horse. My last topple resulted going down yet another hill. I was in 'HANG ON' mode (as I was for most of the ride) and stayed on a good while before sliding down Harmony's neck as she stopped short. I was on the ground, and she was a bit spooked, and did a bit of a dance... stepping on my calf in the process, as you can see in the top photo (the bruise is coming out in the shape of a hoof-print!)  My shins got some bad knocks going through the Tea Trees as well, my left one that got stepped on was incredibly sore. Ice, ice, baby !
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So onwards and upwards, will find something to do tomorrow morning, before I have visitors over to catch up and then head out to Urupukapuka Island for a free concert with the girls. See morning workout will be necessary, just need to do something that doesn't hurt (too bad)

Stayin' strong! 

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