Thursday, 5 January 2012

Days 2 to 6 of the 100 day challenge

Typical... create a blog, write a post, then forget about it.
No I haven't done that, despite it being days I have been keeping to my personal challenge which I found on Facebook... to be intentionally active for 30 minutes for the first 100 days of 2012.  Here's what I've been up to... 

Day 2: Jan 2nd, was a former workmate's 50th birthday. A big celebration for anyone, this was more monumental as she has recently left her husband and discovered her independence for the first time in her life, so needless to say a glass of bubbly was in order
Activity - INSANITY Plymetric Circuit before heading over to the party. 

Day 3: Thom and I were off to Auckland (a lovely 4 hour drive from the Far North), but not before I went for an 11km bike ride when I woke up. Got that out of the way, as I knew it wouldn't happen later in the day. We were going down to catch up with my friends from Teachers College in Dunedin, who now live in Canada and were back for a holiday. We obviously met up at a pub, and caught up over a beer (notice the A as in singular) and had some fish and chips. Continuing our evening over in Takapuna, we parked our car at a friend of my friend, where we would spend the night, and walked the 20ish minutes to the pubs (so efficient, walking to go drinking don't you think?) I had a couple of beers, opted for the 'low-carb' Mac's Spring Tide which doesn't have as nice a flavour as Pure Blonde... but hey.
And once the evening was finished, we walked home again :) 

Day 4: A drizzly rainy day not so nice day in the city... We had great intentions of taking Kitesurfing lessons, which would have been 3 hours long. But crap weather, and Thom has since managed to hurt BOTH of his feet over the past two weeks doing extreme sports... so he was not keen. Instead, our adventure alternative was to head to the Auckland Zoo. Now I had intended to use my "LogYouRun" app here, to track just how far we actually walked between 11:30 and 3... but of course I forgot. Regardless, we walked heaps, and I counted that as my day.

Day 5: We'd stayed halfway between Auckland and Whangarei, with Thom's grandparents, so that our 4 drive was split into 2 two hour drives. After shouting Thom's lovely grandparents to brunch with vouchers I'd bought ages ago in October, we did a bit of shopping (must take advantage of being in the city, as where we live is QUITE rural!). We were back on the road, and home by 4 or 5ish. Sorted out life, cooked a mean summer night's tea (that's what kiwis call dinner PS) consisting of BBQ'd Beef Kebabs (just beef pieces on a stick with onion and yellow pepper), corn on the cob fresh from the roadside, and Quinoa- with garlic in it, a bit of red pepper and made with homemade chicken broth for extra flavour. I love making chicken and vege stock, and storing it in my freezer, so that that way I KNOW it's going to be low in sodium. The night carried on, relaxing on our deck etc... it was 9pm and I still hadn't done any intentional activity. CAN'T HAVE THAT on just day 5! So picked up my shit, got changed and went for a run. I only ran 4km... but I am not a runner. I've discovered that my mind gives up waaaaay before my body needs to. It's a new year, and I'm not having that anymore. So I literally just ran.... with the LogYourRun app on my phone going, I ran to 1.5km without stopping. I wouldn't say I ran fast, but the point was I did it. I went another 500 metres before turning around for home, and kind of interval ran the rest of the way home. Took me 36 minutes to do those 4km, but I was quite pleased with myself for that dedication despite the time. 

Day 6: I wasn't able to get to sleep last night, and even though I went to bed at like 1030? I didnt get to sleep till after 1.... so had a bit of sleep in this morning. But I got up, got my mate Mel out of bed and we did INSANITY Pure Cardio... not counting the warm up, and stretches/cool down, Pure Cardio is 15 minutes, consisting of 15 different exercises each a minute long. It's bloody tough, but damn it's good. I vacuumed all the yuck spiders out of the house, cleaned the bathroom and then went for a dip in the sea (just across the street from my house ;)

RIGHT! There you have it, 6/6 days and loving it... Will attempt to be more vigilant in updating daily so as not to have a bloody novel! 

Stay strong if you're on your own Flab to Fab mission ;) 

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