Friday, 14 September 2012

Day 4 and 5: Usana Reset

I'm pretty terrible at daily blogging, especially when I do almost exactly the same thing day in and day out. If it gets boring to write, surely it must be boring to read... 

Day 4
Felt pretty good all day. Walked to school and home from school since Thom was away working in Whangarei, so that was all good.
I switched to shakes with low fat milk rather than water, and was just absolutely loving the consistency and flavour!

For dinner, I was ultimately quite lazy, and chose to have a single home made serving pumpkin soup from my freezer. I didn't feel like salad, and couldn't be bothered cooking anything. 

I was definitely feeling lighter!

Day 5
To be honest, today I was just over the idea of drinking all my meals. I loved the bars and apple I ate simply because I chewed and enjoyed.

Now for the true confession... After work drinks on a Friday have generally been quite common practice in my teaching career, but this year being at the beach/away from town and closer to home,  they've been far less frequent or regular. Today of all days, the principal bought a box of Coronas and cracked it in the staff room!

It was necessary. I did have one. Slowly.

I cringed. I debated. I really debated. and then I justified that it's 'just one beer'.
And it was just that. One beer. Social and relaxing.

Left it at that. Hopefully it doesn't undo everything I've done. 
 But no guilt here.  

Came home and made a massive salad, with chili shrimp on top. I really wanted meat! That did the trick.
Didn't even have my chocolate shake tonight as I worked on my travel blog - Canuckiwikate

So now, I've still got two meal replacements left up my sleeve. 

I had a squizz through the resources that I got emailed with the program, and the low GI grocery list is everything that I already buy - I just tend to try to eat less of the grains after going paleo. (Still refuse to cut anything completely because I don't want to make my body intolerant and complicate my life). 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Day 3: USANA Reset

While I will admit that I do feel like I have more energy this week, this morning getting out of bed was not the case.

Since I didn't have my chocolate shake last night, I was stoked to have chocolate for breakfast this morning! Added a few frozen berries, and away we went. I think I added more water than necessary, but it was delicious none the less. Chocolate anything is a great way to start any Wednesday!

I opted for hard boiled egg with my Vanilla lunch. I liked the chewing - the worst part of shakes is that I think I miss the physical act of chewing my meals! So I was full for the whole afternoon.

We had a staff meeting in town, with other schools so I had my peanut butter bar in the car on the way in. These meetings are usually notorious for putting on a good spread - lucky for me, today was a budget version, and consisted of savoury swirls, chocolate cake and GRAPES. I helped myself to some of those, not even missing the other options. Throughout the meeting, I managed to drink a whole 1.5 in the hour and a bit we were there. This resulted in 2 trips to the loo, but that's okay. I am finally consciously improving my hydration!

By the time dinner rolled around, I decided to change it up, and go for the salad. Bit of iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, red onion, carrots, mushrooms.. and toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I also added the slightest bit of olive oil/red wine vinegar for a slight splash of dressing/flavour. It sure hit the spot. Didn't even need the eggs I'd boiled, so I;ll save those for when I do.
For the love of veggies!

Around 9pm I wasn't hungry hungry, but still wanted more. I had carefully calculated whether to save a chocolate and have the strawberry that I don't love... but opted to experiment with some Almond Milk and chocolate in the blender. I went for the "less is more" with just barely a cup of almond milk added, a few ice cubes and the chocolate sachet.... OH MY GOD. I created heaven in a glass. It was thick, creamy, and it reminded me of licking cake batter off the spoon.

Ended the day SATISFIED!

Roll on Day 4 - I am ready to rock you!

Let's end with a bit of perspective
February vs September 2012

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day 2 of USANA Reset

I felt heaps more onto it starting off day 2!

I had my glass of lemon water, and took the vitamins.
Breakfast at 7am- I added the water first again, some ice and a few frozen berries. Still not sold on the after taste of the Wild Strawberry flavour, but it's not unbearable so I'll stop whinging

I had a strawberry/mango herbal tea once I got to school, as well as filling up my 1.5L water bottle to have in my classroom so that I actually drink water often.

Morning tea at 10am - Chocolate flavoured protein bar. Still delicious. Still filling.

Lunch at 12pm - By far my favourite shake of the day, the French Vanilla!

Refuel break at 1:30pm - Apple! Remembered that I'd hardly touched my water bottle (6 years olds sure do keep me busy!) so I skulled most of that. My goal is to have it gone by after school, and then another bottle done before bed. I must get better at drinking water!

Afternoon tea at 3pm - School finished, and I enjoyed that Peanut Butter crunch bar - yum yum!

Dinner at 5pm - I was feeling peckish when I got home, so I took Steph's advice, as I'd emailed her last night, and she recommended to have a boiled egg or fresh salmon. I obviously didn't have salmon on hand, so I boiled an egg before grilling up my veggies.

7pm - Onions, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, carrots and some garlic in a wee bit of coconut oil.

I kept putting off having the chocolate shake, as I wasn't overly hungry. I hope it doesn't throw things off, not having it. It's now 10:42 and it just feels too late.

I feel heaps better today.
Glad I drank more water. Resisted the temptation of Thom eating Doritos next to me (NONE for this girl!)
I didn't do any exercises after school or tonight. I get so easily put off by coming home in the rain. Excuses excuses. Ugh.

Onto the Half-way point tomorrow!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 1 of USANA Reset

Today I started a 5 day 'Reset' cleanse. I don't like the idea of fad diets or the like, but for some reason I bought into for the 'reset your system and feel better'. I saw a few of my cousins on Facebook doing it a month ago and raving about it, and thought "why not."

Day 1 went like this....

Breakfast at 7am- strawberry shake in the blender. My first reactions were that it was tasty, but by the end of it I was less of a fan.

Morning tea at 10am - I was hanging out to eat my bar by the time morning tea rolled around. The chocolate protein bar was super tasty though. I was keen!

Lunch at 12:20pm - I had the Vanilla shake, made in my Punch Supplements shaker at school. I dumped the  packet in, added the water and then shook.... except I had a terribly powdery lumpy concoction in my shaker that I was not looking forward to drinking. Luckily with a little spoon stirring and I think I added a bit more water, shook again and the consistency improved. Even better, I was blown away by the delicious flavour.

Afternoon tea at 3pm - Busted out the ol Peanut butter crunch bar provided. Another delicious hit, it tasted just like a Candy bar!?! I also realised I hadn't taken my first vitamin packet, so I got that in me

Around 4pm I received an email - a guide to Day 1.  Oops, I'm about 17 or 18 hours ahead of everyone else doing it in Canada. Oddly enough, I had chosen the same shakes that they had for breakfast and lunch... and then I read this.

DINNER (about 7:00)
- Vitamin pack
- Big green salad or plate of grilled veggies (no cream dressings)
- Nutrimeal shake (We would do the chocolate, it will feel like desert); you can have the shake a bit later say about 8:30, depends on how you are feeling)
Wait a minute... for some reason, I had originally thought that it was 2 shakes and 2 bars, and one 1 normal Low GI meal at dinner. Now I'm onto 3 meal replacements!?! aw shit, I don't know how I feel about a liquid diet. But I am sticking with this to the end. 
Once I got home, I got the backup call to play netball. So I went into town and had a go running around the court trying to get in trouble for obstructing. I am no natural netball player, that's for sure. But I had good fun, and it was good exercise. 
Dinner at 745pm - I couldnt face a salad. I didn't feel like a salad would make me feel full mentally or physically, so I grilled up some veggies. I had mushrooms that were nearly going off, so perfect for frying in a bit of butter with mixed herbs. Next I melted some Coconut Oil, tossed in an onion to caramelize then some sliced carrots and broccoli. Chucked a lid on the frying pan to create some steam and then tossed in some spinach. Added the final touches of chia seeds and sunflower seeds. It was actually so tasty considering the level of boringness. Maybe it was just the 'real food' as opposed to liquid that I was appreciating. 
Not long after my vegge medley, I had my 'chocolate dessert shake'. Only this time, already learning from my previous experiences, I added my water (and some ice cubes) first and then the packet. Powdery problem solved. The flavour wasn't too bad, but Vanilla has still won my heart. 
Tomorrow is a new day and I intend on learning from today and making it even better. I will definitely be making a few changes.
-Lemon and water when I wake up - get the vitamins in
-adding ice and frozen berries to the strawberry shake (as well as the water first)
-I DID NOT DRINK ENOUGH WATER TODAY, so will be making sure I have a water bottle in class with me 
-I'll have a piece of fruit with my morning tea bar.
-I will try to find out earlier if I get to have real dinner, or just veggies again.
As usual, I've stayed up too late. I'm feeling a bit hungry in my tummy, but I'm thinking that if I sort out those things I figured out today, tomorrow I should feel like a million bucks.
Time will tell!
I'll update with some photos eventually too

Monday, 3 September 2012

We are back! Using workouts I've 'pinned'

Attention Ladies and... okay I know it's likely more ladies instead of Gentlemen

I am back! And I am going to blog. Perhaps you couldn't tell I got out of my blogging routine. Once I got sick and fell off the 100 Day challenge, I avoided my blog. Perhaps I felt like a bit of a failure at the time, but the truth is I am far from it!

My goal was to lose my excess flab (it still is my goal!) but I had the incentive of heading to Thailand in July. Well that trip has come and gone. It was absolutely fabulous.

About 6 weeks or so prior to leaving, I got my measurements done at the gym. The trainer gave me some diet advice, and I was working on doing P90X, although that programme is another one for the 'Started and I lasted a Month' file. My eyes were opened to the Paleolithic or Caveman diet, where you eliminate all grains and dairy from your diet for at least 30 days.

It was TOUGH, but I did it. When I'd cook for myself, I wouldn't cook anything grains or dairy. Certainly made for some interesting meals! Once we got to Thailand though, I didn't limit myself. I didn't want to avoid rice!

I've been back to real life for 2 months now, and I haven't sussed out my routine. I want to eat less carbs, but I've bought them, and they've been in the house, so that makes for tricky self control. I want a balance between a strict paleo diet, just a more mindful of less carbs, more protein kind of diet.

That being said, since I started  my MISSION in January, I have seen my body completely change. At my heaviest I was sitting on 86kg (190 lbs!!), something that I was none too proud of. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. NOW, I sit at about 75kg (165 lbs) and while I still would like to lose another 5kg (to put me at 155lbs or so) I'm not fixated on the specific number, as much as still improving my fitness levels, and toning up the flabby bits.

I've enjoyed a few non-scale victories over the past couple months, but most importantly was fitting into ALL my old jeans comfortably again (!!!). It has also been nice to have various people noticing and commenting on the changes.

I've been doing a bit of running, intermitantly rather than regularly. 2 weeks ago I did the Tough Guy and Gal 6km Mud Run in Rotorua, which was great fun frolic through cow shit and tiptoeing through ice cold water- but the paddock hills KILLLED me, as hills always do. Last weekend, I got off my ass Sunday morning, and did a 10km beach run around the reef in 1:42. This weekend just passed, I went into town nice and early on Saturday morning, and ran a 5km loop - without giving into that litle voice in my head that says "I'm tired, let's just walk" for a 2.5 KILOMETERS - new personal best for me!

Like lots of others, I've joined Pinterest where you can find HEAPS of excellent workouts all on board. I've created my own SWEAT board. I also see all those SomeEcards that say "it's great you've pinned another workout that's going to make you fit isn't it" and decided I didn't want that to be me. If I've got all these great resources, by golly I ought to use them. When I got home from school at 5, I faffed around getting into my workout gears, but I did it. And I'm not exactly sure what it was about today, but I've decided I'm going to keep doing it.

And I'm going to hold myself accountable again. I can't promise you my posts will be entertaining or informative - hell they'll like be ramble-y exactly  like this one. But I need to remember how far I've come, and not just focus on how far I've yet to go. I've learned that I don't do well sticking to those programmes and routines like Insanity and P90X - and that's okay. I've still got them, and they're still awesome as workouts, and I can still use them as I like even if I don't follow it to a tee.

I am back, and I'm gonna bring a better me, baby!

3 months till summer, and THIS year, I'm going to be READY.